Indie Trove

Indie Trove: Snap Happy

Whether you’re a Lomography lover or a Polaroid type of person, you’ll like these vintage camera inspired designs…

Retro Camera Tea Towel by Natalie Laura Ellen

Made in Manchester

Good enough to put up on your wall, this illustrated tea towel by Natalie seems too nice to wash your mucky dishes with. We especially like the drawing of the Diana-F. What a scrumptious bit of kit.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copyCamera Ink Stamp by Meli Melo 

Made in Sheffield

Meli Melo makes an array hand drawn ink stamps, ready to brighten up the dullest of stationary. This retro camera inspired stamp is a lovely addition to any scrapbooker’s stash.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Smile Camera Stud Earrings by Martha & Hepsie

Made in Sheffield

This cute camera illustration by sisters Martha & Hespsie features on an range of their products. We really like this earring set. Smile!


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Vintage Camera Necklace by Sour Cherry 

Made in Sheffield

We’re a big fan of Sour Cherry’s newly opened shop at The Forum in Sheffield. This camera charm necklace is just one piece of jewellery in their vast range. No matter what you’re into Sour Cherry will probably have it hanging on a chain.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Ultimate Selfie Bear T-Shirt by Don’t Feed The Bears

Made in Sheffield

Don’t Feed The Bears’ illustrations pull off the pairing of woodland creatures with almost anything, from parachuting badgers to pipe-smoking foxes. We’ve taken a liking to this snap-happy grizzly.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Leather Neck Camera Strap by Magpie Accessories

Made in Sheffield

Magpie Accessories made lots of lovely well-made leather products right here up north. This gorgeous limited edition camera strap is great gift for any budding photographer.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Vintage Camera Letterpress Note Cards and Tags by Print for the Love of Wood

Made in Manchester

This notecard and tag set is made using a traditional letterpress onto luxury paper. They are also 100% recycled.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Ceramic Retro Camera Magnets by The Sage Collection

Made in Leeds

Abigail Brown from The Sage Collection makes simple yet beautiful ceramics. These camera magnets are great to put up your favourite snaps.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Lomo Camera Tote Bag by Rainbow Pie

Made In Manchester

This lomography design tote by Dave Cunningham at Rainbow Pie is great for carrying around all your camera clobber. He also donates 5% of the cost to The Equality Trust. Good chap.



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