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Indie Trove: Noteworthy

Jot down all your crafty ideas with these notebooks from northern designers…

Hand Printed Foliage Notebook by Hannah Josey

Made in Leeds

Hannah designs and hand prints every single one of her notebooks. This bright leaf pattern takes inspiration from the plants she has growing in her house.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Hello Deer Mini Notebook by Lydia Meiying

Made in Manchester

We love this sweet woodland creature illustration by Lydia Meiying. Check out her Etsy shop for more animal themed notebooks and tote bags.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Recycled Bicycle Notebook by Natalie Laura Ellen

Made in Manchester

Inspired by the lyrics “You’ll look sweet, upon the seat, of a bicycle built for two!” Natalie has produced this bicycle themed journal. A great gift for any cycling enthusiast, or less proactive people like us who just love pretty vintage bikes.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Daydreams & Fanciful Thoughts by Alison Hardcastle

Made in York

Alison Hardcastle makes these positive thinking notebooks with her colourful yet simple illustrations. Keep your head in the clouds and jot down day dreams in this one.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 16.37.36

DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Hand-Printed House Plant Notebook by Memo Illustration

Made in Kendall

Helen Entwiste at Memo illustration produces cute and kitsch bits and bobs. This handprinted notebook is inspired by mid century fabric patterns. Its ecofriendly too!


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Bran the Bunny Notebook by Lyndsey Green

Made in Manchester

Yet a lovely drawing from Lyndsey Green, we’ve become quite taken by Bran the Bunny. The notebook is made from FSC certified paper so rabbits can keep hopping around our woodlands.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

‘There is Always Time For Tea and Cake’ Notebook by Steph Says Hello

Made in Leeds

Steph Baxter aims to make people smile through her happy drawings. This little notebook is great for writing your recipes down in. Check out her Happy Pencil Shoppe on Etsy.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Polite Pigeon Notebook by Martha & Hepsie

Made in Sheffield

Ah the humble northern pigeon. What would our cities be without them? Who would eat all the accidentally dropped Greggs? Show your affection for the these little urban mascots with this notebook by Martha & Hepsie.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Triangle Mania Notebook by Karen Lewis

Made in Leeds

Karen Lewis produces fresh and simple patterns for fabric and stationary. This triangle mania print notebook set is double the fun.



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