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Indie Trove: Zines, Glorious Zines

A zine can be about anything and everything! We’ve cobbled together a few of our favourite self-published titles from talented northerners.

Sugar Paper 

Made in Manchester

Sugar Paper is a bi-annual craft zine by northern lasses Kandy and Seleena.

Started in 2006 it is now in its 14th edition, choc full of craft kits, events and collaborations with a sprinkle of art and music in there for good measure.

The girls also run an awesome blog here


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Poor Lass Zine

Made in Manchester

Poor Lass Zine is another title from the lovely girls at Sugar Paper. Its aims to give a voice to everyday working class folk – telling their own awesome stories on their own creative way.

Each issue focusses on a different topic from family t0 community. They are currently looking for submissions for their 5th edition on education. 

Check out their Facebook page here.


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Young Explorer Zines by Elizabeth Murray Jones

Made in Manchester

We love Young Explorer’s innocent and fun content. Created from the amazing imagination of Elizabeth Murray Jones, if you ever wanted a whole zine about owls or whales your in for a treat.

She has recently produced the 5th Young Explorer Zine on a theme of “the past”. This includes an interview with Jof from The Boy Least Likely To on his favourite historical hero.


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Todayzine by Stef Bradley

Made in Liverpool

Todayzine is an autobiographic comic on the everyday life Stef Bradley. The talented Liverpudlian illustrator makes every zine buy hand, photocopying her pages at the newsagents in true 1990s riot grrrl style.

She also writes a wonderful blog which you can check out here. 



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Method Zine by Sophie Heywood

Made In Manchester

We love this illustrated zine about method actors by Sophie Heywood. She is currently selling it as a part of a limited edition pack of ten, along with four actor badges and a postcard print. So get it while you can!

il_fullxfull.417140293_lcfj il_fullxfull.417140371_421h

DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

The Tiny Book of Bunny Behaviour by Lyndsey Green

Made in Manchester

Check out this tiny zine on bunny behaviour by Lyndsey Green. Inside you can learn all about the mysteries behind your rabbit’s habits. Even if you don’t have your own bunny the illustrations inside are gorgeous.

Take a look at her Etsy shop where you can find Lyndsey’s other zine on Foxy Facts which we reviewed here.  


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On The Banks of the River Croal by Rob Jackson

Made in Bolton

Rob Jackson has a vast range of zines which he either solely produces or co-edits, with titles such as Rhizomes and Gin Palace.

We particularly like “On The Banks of The Mighty Croal” in which Rob takes you on a guided tour of the Bolton river. Complete with a fold out map, Rob illustrates everything from the city centre to the leafy green suburbs of Lostock.



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What Japan Looks Like & What Japan Tastes Like by Laura Hilton-Smith

Made in Leeds

To accompany her recent visit to Japan, Laura Hilton-Smith has produced these two wonderfully detailed zines.

Each copy comes with full colour illustrations of everyday life in the country. A great read for anyone with a soft spot for East Asia!


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Colouring Books by Kate Broughton

Made in Leeds

Although not strictly zines, we had to give a mention to Kate Broughton’s cute colouring books. A work of art in themselves, Kate’s clean line drawings allow you to finish off her lovely illustrations of birds and butterflies. A nice gift for children and big kids alike.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Colouring Outside The Lines & Shape and Situate by Melanie Maddison

Made in Leeds

Melanie Maddison from Leeds is the editor of these two great zines. Colouring Outside The Lines seeks to bring together contemporary female artists from around the globe. The zine aims to uncover the motivation behind each artist’s creative spark as well as offering encouragement to others.

Shape & Situate however is a zine of posters on historical, inspirational women by creative folk within Europe.  The zine hopes to visually show women throughout social and political history and their often hidden contributions to our modern culture.

Check out Melanie’s two blogs below…

flddaDoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

The Sheffield Colouring Book by Studio Binky

Made in Sheffield

We love the Sheffield Colouring Book – a wonderful collaboration between Studio Binky and Our Favourite Places in the glorious Steel City.

Inside there are 20 pages of Sheffield themed puzzles and activities, plus lots of city landmarks to colour in. Hours of fun for young and old. Who said you had to be under 10 to use Crayolas?


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

The Rhinosaur by Joseph & Amy Seager

Made in Harrogate

We recently stumbled upon this magical book by husband and wife team, Joseph & Amy Seager in Leeds.

The book tells the story of the Rhinosaur and his journey through continental dancing, newspaper headlines and self discovery. A great alternative children’s book with quirky illustrations.


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