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Indie Trove: All Dressed Up

Its that time of the year when everyone is getting glammed up for their Christmas do’s. Dodge the last minute high street dash and check out at these handmade dresses made right on your doorstep…

Tulip Dress by Nadinoo

Made in Manchester

Nadia Izruna at Nadinoo creates lovely chic and simple clothing with a classic touch. Nadia designs her clothes for three fictional characters – Pixie the tomboy, Fleur the delicate dreamer and Lula the mischievous heart-breaker. This tulip dress is made using silk crepe de chine and has a floaty 1940s feel about it. Perfect for a boxing day brunch or new year cocktails.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Sweetheart Party Dress by Dolly Dripp

Made in Manchester

We love this cute LBD by Sarah Louise Richards at Dolly Dripp. Sarah takes the best of 1950’s fashion and mixes it up with a bit of punk attitude. This gorgeous party dress is made from light cotton and lace tulle fabric.  Stick on a pair of heels and you’re ready to dance the night away in retro style…



DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Floral Dress with Piped Collar by Plum & Pigeon

Made in Manchester

Plum & Pigeon specialise in wonderful handmade vintage outfits. This tea dress is made using Liberty of London lawn fabric finished with a piped peter pan collar. Wear this lovely piece out for lunch or for a family Christmas party.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Floral Bustier Dress by Loela

Made in Manchester

Laura Barker at Loela makes playful and colourful modern jewellery and clothing. This handmade floral cotton dress is made using contrasting pretty patterns. Have a look at her Etsy shop for more simple yet chic fashion made in the north.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Midnight Owl Velvet Collar Dress by Alice Takes a Trip

Made in Sheffield

If your feeling a bit grunge-y and would rather wear Dr Marten’s than stilettos for your xmas do, check out Alice Takes a Trip. This handmade velvet collar dress is printed with lovely owl illustration. A great addition to any proud northerner’s wardrobe.  Twit-twoo! (sorry…)


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Cat Velvet Tea Dress by Syd & Mallory

Made in Sheffield

Another Steel City native with roots on Devonshire Street is Syd & Mallory. This quirky velvet tea dress is imprinted with one of their signature cat designs. Great to wear on a night out on West Street or a casual meet up with friends. Syd & Mallory’s creations are also available to buy on Asos.


DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

Six Impossible Things Dress by Uncommon Nonsense

Made in Leeds

Take a trip down the rabbit hole into the wonderful world of Uncommon Nonsense. Handmade in Leeds, the “Six Impossible Things Dress” is perfect for counting down the ticks to 2015. Have a look at their website for more whimsical, Lewis Carroll inspired fashion.

clock_dress1_1024x1024DoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy

60’s Reproduction Flower Mod Dress by Violet House

Made in Manchester

Violet House Repro reincarnates the psychedelic spirit of 1960s/70s style with their range of retro wears. This Mod flower dress is handmade in Manchester using vintage flower power fabric. Eat your heart out Twiggy…

imageDoodleLinesFreeIllustratorBrushes copy



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