News: Sheffield Designer Julia Gash Launches Africa Bag To Help Fight Ebola


Sheffield designer Julia Gash has launched her new African inspired tote bag range to raise money in fighting Ebola.

The “Things I Know About Africa range by Talented will contribute to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Boarders)‎ to help tackle the disease.


Julia Gash – Sheffield Bag Designer

The bags use West African inspired fabric and include positive and interesting facts about the continent such as the number of elephants that live in Africa or the number of languages spoken.

Julia explained: “I was conscious that the news coming out of Africa is often so negative and I wanted to address this through my work by communicating the amazing ‘Things I Know About Africa’ through writing out and printing key facts that I had learned about the continent onto African inspired fabrics.”

The inspiration for the collection came about after a French Senegalese student carried out an internship at Talented, which prompted Julia to create a collection that paid homage to her african heritage.

Julia wanted to communicate a positive message about the amazing continent, “which is full of stunning, geographical landmarks, beautiful flora and fauna as well as a rich cultural heritage”.

“The overall effect is one of unadulterated innocence and wide-eyed wonder of this magnificent place and is a celebration of Africa as a continent. The medium of print is my voice and Talented is the vehicle through which I can express my view on the world” she added.

After Julia created the collection, she recognized that Ebola was affecting more and more people and so she decided to donate all her design commission to charity.

She explained: “Ebola is a challenge for us all – the world will never be quiet, but we can always choose to make a difference.”

Each bag is printed in Julia’s eco-friendly workshop in Sheffield and is now being stocked all over world.

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